Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Playing Goldfish

As I've mentioned before, I've been babysitting this summer for two sweet twin boys about 3 days a week.  This morning, they were digging around for something to do.  First, they found some homemade light sabers and had a light saber battle:

It got intense.

Next, they happened upon a small cardboard box with Spongebob on it.  One of them exclaimed, "Goldfish!!"  I thought he had found a box of (who knows how old) goldfish crackers and told him to put them away for later (hoping he would forget about them).  He said, "No!  Let's play goldfish!"  Now I was confused.  You want to play with old goldfish crackers?  Right then he opened the box to reveal some sort of playing cards with Spongebob characters on them.  He quickly dealt them between himself and his brother and started playing:

Brother 1:  "Ok. you have any...Spongebobs?"

Brother 2:  "No...goldfish!"

Brother 1:  *draws card*

Brother 2:  "Do you have any Squids?"

Brother 1:  "Nope!  Goldfish!"

I'm assuming you now understand "Goldfish" to be "Go Fish."  But in their cuteness, they didn't realize the difference.  I tried to explain that it was, in fact, "go fish," but they continued saying "goldfish" through approximately 50 rounds of the game throughout the day.

I love 7 year olds.  They're great.

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