Friday, August 13, 2010

Odd Happenings on Long Drives

Matt and I set out early this afternoon to drive to his parents house.  Tomorrow is a family reunion in West Virginia (more on that tomorrow!), so we're spending the weekend here.

We've driven down to visit his parents many times since we got married last June.  It's about a 4 hour drive and we usually end up chatting and dialing through radio channels.  We have radically different musical tastes (for the most part), so sometimes we have to suffer through songs that the other one likes.  I usually have to suffer through things like the Beatles, the Who, Genesis (*gag*), or *shiver* RUSH (*double gag*).  He usually has to suffer through dance/club/disco music or cheesy pop music.  Now, just to be clear, I certainly have wider (and more eclectic) musical tastes, but when I'm in the car on a long drive, I want something upbeat to keep me alert at the wheel.  I also enjoy dancing in the passenger seat.  Never dancing in the driver seat, though.  I would never do that...

Anyway, on these drives down to visit his parents, and through our channel surfing, it seems like we always, always, always end up on a channel playing a certain song.  I happen to love this song and promptly turn it up, start dancing and laughing, and generally enjoy Matt's misery and the amazing coincidence that we are hearing this song again!!!  Seriously, there's maybe been one or two times in over a dozen drives that we've not heard this song.  Each time we hear it, the coincidence is more and more hilarious (in my opinion).  In his opinion, it gets more and more annoying (but I think secretly he's starting to see the funny side).

So, are you just dying to know what this song is?

Are you?

Well, here ya go:

So, did you enjoy it?  Or are you like Matt and rolled your eyes and sighed loudly?


  1. haha - I LOVE that song! My husband kind of rolls his eyes when it comes on, but I think secretly he doesn't hate it *that* much. It's the perfect song to dance to in the passenger seat!

  2. Haha definitely a keep-me-awake song! I completely understand about the music differences, but Sean gets one better: I get "ADD" with the radio stations when I have control. I flip again and again, even if I recognize AND like the song, until I find one that "fits"....and about 20 seconds later I'll do it again, even if I'm singing along with it. I usually lose my radio privileges within the first 5 minutes of any drive anywhere.... ;)

  3. Love that song
    it helps u 2 regroup and think about things


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