Friday, August 6, 2010

The Perks of Being Married

I married an awesome guy.

He helps with dishes.  He likes to vacuum.  He's super nice and fun to be with.

Also, he's kind of a good artist.  He can draw stuff like dolphins and geometric designs and make them look super cool.

The other week, we bought a plain white terra-cotta-ish decorative pitcher at my new favorite store, Home Goods.  It was cute and I thought it would go good in our bedroom on the table we bought for the empty corner (also from Home Goods).  The table was white, so I didn't want a white pitcher on a white table against an off-white wall.  I had some blue spray paint, so I decided to spray paint it.

I sprayed and sprayed and got paint on my fingers and probably some in my lungs.  When I was finished, it looked....okay.  Not awesome.  Not terrible.  Just okay.  I decided it would be fine and put it on the table in the bedroom.  Matt looks at it and says, "Why don't we paint a design or something on it?"

Has he ever seen my illustrations?  Does he know that I can't draw much more than a circle or square??  I can't paint on a decorative pitcher to save my life!  I have the drawing skills of a 5 year old. 

Then he says, "No, let me think of something and I can paint it.  Okay?"

Fine.  He sketches something out on paper (it's like 500 billion times better than what I could do already) and starts painting.

He's really careful.

And by the end of the day it looks so much better than just plain blue!!

Then he says, "But it's not finished yet.  I'll do more tomorrow."

The next day he paints while I'm away babysitting.  When I came home, this was waiting for me in the bedroom:

Pretty stars.

It.  Looks. AWESOME!!!

And that's why you should make sure your spouse has better skills than you.  At least in some things.


  1. Impressive, Mattster. I like the shade of blue, too. you say?...nautical?

  2. Very nice, Matt! Meredith, I'd agree you married a keeper!


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