Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Packing and folding and cleaning and prepping....

Matt and I are driving down to Florida on Thursday. 

We are excited.



Before we can enjoy Florida sand and sun (and Grandmas) I have to get us ready for it.  We'll need clothes and a cooler full of food.  I have to get my car serviced.  I have to run to the grocery store, probably a CVS, and a couple other places.  I have to clean the apartment so it's not stinky when we return. 

Yesterday I started this whole process.  I went to BJs to grab a couple items (it was pretty close to being 100 degrees outside).  I did three loads of laundry and folded/ironed probably about half (or more) of our total clothes collection.  When Matt got home from work, we took my car up to the garage to get the oil changed and to have a couple things looked at.  [The guy called me about 20 minutes ago to give me an estimate....$260.  They have to replace some belt that was "crapped out" (as he put it) and probably some other stuff like a Johnson rod or something...].

Anyway,  I've got my whole list printed out and I'm loving the part where I get to cross things off that have been completed.  Lots more to do...


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